• 1 western style or 1 kimono style for groom & bride
  • Bridal underwear and tuxedo shirt or kimono inner
  • Hairstyles & Make-up for bride
  • Set of Accessories
  • Photographer & Make-up artist will follow you all day to touch up your hair & make-up
  • Total of about 5-6 hours
  • 1 Shooting location
  • Travel expenses, Car & Driver
  • More than 150 digital photo data (Full resolution JPEG format, ALL the photos that we take will be given after editing such as color & brightness)

You can choose one of the following locations for the photo shoot.

You can also add additional shooting locations. Additional fee is JP¥71500 per location.

Photo locations


Avenue of metasequoia trees along both sides of the roadway are found elsewhere, but an avenue of metasequoia trees in a park is a rarity.A scenic spot with impressive giant metasequoia trees. In the fall, the leaves turn into golden colors.


The "Church of Light and Wind" is surrounded by a forest.Inspired by Matisse's Rosary Church, the "Church of Light and Wind" is a chapel equipped with an authentic pipe organ.The light pouring through the stained glass windows changes beautifully according to the time of day, and the sound of bells imported from France blesses the couple forever.


Hiraodai Limestone Plateau is counted among the 3 major karst formations in Japan and has been designated a natural monument, a quasi-national park, and prefectural natural park.There is scenery to be enjoyed in each of the 4 seasons, including the burning off of fields in spring, the new greenery of summer, and Japanese pampas grass in fall.


The strata, which are approximately 25 to 32 million years old, are widely distributed and create a beautiful coastal landscape.The blue sky and the blue sea stretch on endlessly at "遠見ヶ鼻" a spectacular view spot.


■ Please let us know your preferred date for your pre-wedding photoshoot.

■ Upon receiving your first enquiry, our "Japan Weddings" concierge will be in touch with you to coordinate and plan the details of your destination photoshoot.

■ Our team of experienced photographers will know the best photoshoot spots in their local cities.



■ Making and applying for reservation.

When you apply for the reservation, you will be required to deposit an application fee in accordance with our company Rules (The application fee for each package is set at approximately 20% of the total amount.), which will become the application fee. Upon payment of the application fee, the contract between you and our company will be deemed to have been concluded and the reservation will be confirmed.

*The application fee will be deducted from the total amount of the application fee.

**Please pay the deposit by online.

*In the event of cancellation after the contract is signed, the application fee will be treated as part of the cancellation fee. The application fee is not refundable.

*Please note that your application may be automatically cancelled if you are unable to confirm your payment after the due date.

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