Making and applying for contracts

■Making and applying for contracts

When you apply for a contract, you will be required to deposit an application fee in accordance with our company Rules (The application fee for each package is set at approximately 20% of the total amount. **Please pay the deposit by online.), which will become the application fee. Upon payment of the application fee, the contract between you and our company will be deemed to have been concluded and the reservation will be confirmed.

*The application fee will be deducted from the total amount of the application fee.

*Please pay the deposit by online payment.

*In the event of cancellation after the contract is signed, the application fee will be treated as part of the cancellation fee. The application fee is not refundable.

*Please note that your application may be automatically cancelled if you are unable to confirm your payment after the due date.

■Payment of the balance

For the premium packages

Please pay the balance after the application fee is deducted from the total amount by cash or credit card on the date of wedding or shooting.

For the standard packages

We will send you an email invoice for online payment, please pay the balance by credit card 2 months before the date of wedding or shooting by online.